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Cardio -

Function: to describe heart and heart-related activities / matters
Origin: Greek (kardia)
Word Meaning
cardioactive having an effect on the heart
Bahasa Malaysia - mempunyai kesan atas jantung
cardiogenic originating from the heart
Bahasa Malaysia - berasal di jantung 
cardiogram a tracing or picture of the activities of the heart that is made by a cardiograph.
Bahasa Malaysia - kardiogram: surihan akitiviti-aktiviti (denyutan) jantung yang dibuat oleh alat kardiograf
cardiograph an instrument that is used to study the heart, it activities and related diseases
Bahasa Malaysia - kardiograf: alat yang digunakan untuk mengkaji aktiviti-aktiviti jantung serta penyakit-penyakit berkaitan
cardiologist a person who is an expert in, or specialises in, cardiology
Bahasa Malaysia - pakar kardiologi
cardiology the study of the heart and its related activities and diseases
Bahasa Malaysia - kardiologi: kajian mengenai jantung dan aktiviti-aktiviti dan penyakit-penyakit yang berkaitan
cardiotomy surgery of the heart
Bahasa Malaysia - pembedahan jantung
cardiovascular relating to the heart and blood vessels
Bahasa Malaysia - berkaitan dengan jantung dan pembuluh darah

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