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Easter Sunday
复 活节 fù huó jié
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Photo of Easter Eggs taken outside Vivo City, Singapore

Easter Sunday 复活节 fù huó jié marks the day on which Jesus Christ 耶稣 yē sū was resurrected after his crucifixion on Good Friday 耶 稣受难日 yē sū shòu nàn rì. Today, some Christians prefer to call this holy day "Resurrection Sunday" as Easter 复 活节 fù huó jié is associated with paganism 异教徒 yì jiào tú. The name Easter is believed to have originated from the Saxon Spring Goddess Eostre or Eastra. The symbol of the spring goddess is a hare (mammal that looks like a big rabbit) and hence the Easter bunnies. The exchange of eggs is part of an ancient custom and hence, the Easter Eggs.

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