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Australia - The Movie
Australia is a riveting 2008 movie that stars Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. Set in the city of Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia, the movie tells about the roaring outback adventure of an Englishwoman named Lady Sarah Ashley and the male protagonist of the story, named ... Drover.

Among the quotes from this engaging movie are as follows:

'The Territory' was a land of crocodiles, cattle barons and warrior chiefs where adventure and romance was a way of life.

It was also a place where aboriginal children of mixed-race were taken by force from their families and trained for service in white society. These children became known as 'The Stolen Generations'.

Grandfather teach'em me most important lesson of all - tell'em story.

See, I not black fella. I not white fella either. Them white fellas call me Mixed-blood, Half-caste, Creamy.

King George say them white fellas bad spirit... must be taken from this land.

The mixed-race children must be dislocated from the primitive, full-blood Aborigine.
How else are we to breed the black out of them?
It is a fact of science that the Aboriginal mother soon forgets her offspring.

No mother forgets her child, Dr Barker!

There it is. First storm of the Wet... It's beautiful. There's millions of birds. Creeks turn into rivers, dry plains into lakes.

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